Rhythm and Flow

Surf 215-216

“Rhythm and Flow” is a series of constructed landscapes created by combining, in a grid, 4-9 single images.  Focusing on how forms and lines from one image flow into the bordering images, I have carefully selected and placed each individual photograph to give the illusion of continuity across the bordering images.  In Photoshop, I alter the edges so that the transition is either barely noticeable or entirely seamless.  The series began as a challenge to create a visual equivalent to music, using single images in the same way individual notes are arranged  and combined to form compositions of lyrical beauty that evolve over time.  The works also mimic how the brain processes the phenomena of time.  Each moment arises, in rapid progression, as a single unique formation of forms, light, and connections.  The brain blurs the connection between each moment so experience feels continuous.  In life, it is the narrative of the situation that propels us forward; here, the compositionserves pulls the viewer throughout the image.  For each collection of photographs, whether leaves, waves or water, I feel there is only one combination that “works” and it is my task to discover that secret combination.

Final prints are large, around 40” x 60” using the dye sublimation printing process on aluminum.